Stored Pressure Water Mist

It is a Eco-friendly product & causes minimum collateral damage

Special Features

  • Versatile & Powerful
  • Lancing Distance 5M +
  • Operating Pressure of 15 Bar
  • Control Discharge
  • Discharge Duration 23 Sec minimum
  • Suitable for minimum
  • Class 8A, 89B, 25F & E1000V

Aska Water Mist Extinguisher’s have been ecofriendly and causes no collateral damage to the property. Therefore the Aska Water Mist Extinguishers have been widely accepted by all state fire services and industries.

The revolutionary Aska Water Mist Extinguishers have been designed for Class A, B, F and electrically started fires. The Aska Water Mist is effective on Class A fires due to fine droplets which absorb the heat and vaporize and causing no collateral damage. By adding foam with Water Mist we are cutting of the oxygen supply at the site of fire. The same has also been certified by the labs for use on live electical firesmupto 1000V. The droplets have an average diemeter of less than 400μm. The Aska Water Mist offers a larger exchange surface area and hence is more effective. The conventional fire extinguishers produce water jets as rain drops with diameters significally higher (approximately 1000μm) and therefore, the total exchange surface is smaller. With the addition of AFFF, the effectiveness of Water Mist is increased. Without oxygen or heat, the fire dies out in few seconds.

3L water mist

Applicable on all classes of fire


Watermist For Electrical Fire

Watermist For Live Fire

Watermist For Live Fire

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