Mobile Foam & Mist Unit

Remote Control Operated - 30m+ Lancing Distance

Available in 100L - 600L


This high-power extinguishing unit is with fully automatic controlled gasoline engine and diaphragm pump. Watersupply is switchable from combined tank to external sources. Variable turbo jet gun with attachable foam thrower and 25 m hose on automatic reel is in place. Integrated 12 Volt power generation with charge controller, starter battery, water level control , hour counter and quick function selection via push buttons is also available.

The Fast Calvary

Every second counts when fire threatens life and values. Successful firefighting and rescue often depends on the capabilities of first arriving forces. Especially designed for needs of first responders, our Mobile Foam Unit is pre designed for mounting on light/ pick up vehicles, which usually arrive first at the fire scene and these can also be stationed in crowded places for enetring narrow lanes and congested areas.

Thanks to fully automatic engine control and mode selection by push buttons, the ASKA MFU is ready for use within seconds and operable by a single person. With variable jet focus and flow rate plus attachable foam thrower, the system is quickly adaptable to any situation at the fire scene.

Easy to use, quick in reaction

  • Fast, efficient and versatile
  • Fully automatic engine control
  • Fully operable by single persons
  • Quick and easy push button control
  • Range and flow rate of big fire trucks
  • For mounting on light trucks or trailers
  • External water supply via suction mode

600L MFU Vehicle