Good For Planet - Completely Recyclable

Control Discharge, Corrosion Free & Service Free Extinguisher
Available in 2L,6L & 9L

Special Features

  • The MFCF-10  fire extinguisher is carbon neutral and 100% recyclable.
  • Reduced carbon footprint. The extinguisher doesn’t need outside contractor servicing, so no service visits are required.
  • No welding, no degreasing, no shot blasting, no painting, no waste disposal.
  • Completely recyclable.


The foam fire extinguisher has excellent fire fighting capabilities making is effective on Class A materials such as wood, paper and textiles and Class B fire fueled by paints, solvent and oils, petrochemical products.



MFCF Powder Rating

Composite Submerge Video


MFCF 9 LTR Video


MFCF Composite Foam Extinguisher

Leading The World - In Fire Technology

These new fire extinguishers employ design technology pioneered by the motor racing, defence, aircraft and aerospace industries (i.e) Airebus A380 and Dreamliners are constructed with 50% of composite materials. At the heart of their construction in a High Density Polyethylene weavered Kevlar® body, extremely tough, yet incredibly light, fibre material from the Aramid family. Kevlar® is also used in gas bottles, fire brigade breathing apparatus bottle, bullet-proof vests and fire-proof gloves. The MFCF10 extinguisher incorporate three elements the loose weave, blow moulded inner body and a locking neck ring. The outer casing is made from High Density Polyethylene, which is 100% UV protective.

The MFCF10 - Composite Extinguisher

  • 10 Year Corrosion guarantee & 20 years shelf life
  • Requires only a yearly in-house compliance inspection using guage check with magnet
  • No danger of personal injury due to corrosion of parts
  • Kevlar® - Aramid type super strength yarn
  • Carbon neutral
  • Light weight for ease of operation
  • EN3 & MED approved
  • 100% UV protection of the outer casing
  • 100% Recyclable ♻

Tested & Approved By

mfcf-tested and approved

Problem with traditional / conventional fire extinguishers

  • The necessity for servicing is because traditional extinguisher comprised of metal parts which corrode, especially around weak areas such as
  • Lining and under skirt rings
  • With faster corrosion occurring in salt laden atmosphere and high humidity area
  • A corroded extinguisher potentially can be dangerous to the operator. Further this conventional technology do not assure us maximum fire rating / performance.


  • We eliminate above risks and maintenance cost using our latest technology with assured fire ratings.