Compact Extinguisher For Easy and Quick ACCESS In The Real Fire Fighting Situations

The FirePro HERO (Manual Unit) is a first response firefighting tool designed for manual deployment into a fire by trained personnel. Its purpose is to reduce temperature, suppress fire, ultimately “buying time” for firefighters to commence their task by conventional means.



Fire Fighter

Option A: Roll the HERO into the closed areas / rooms where fire is involved. This helps a trapped victim to exit the fire scenerio safely and it also can help firefighter to buy time to rescue and lay hose.

Option B: It helps the user / fireman to eliminate many of the contributing factors during the flashover.



Option A: Police can use HERO units by breaking the glass of the vehicle for the trapped passenger in the vehicle during the fire accident, till the fire team arrives.

Option B: Special forces can use HERO units for immediate fire suppression to enter / suppress fire while carrying out the tactical operation independently.

First Responder - Manually Activated Generator

FirePro units are activated by removing the safety clip and pulling the ring pin. The unit can then be rolled near the fire, where it will automatically actuate following a 8 seconds time delay. Once activated, the FirePro HERO unit produces an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol that provides extremely fast knockdown and rapid suppression of fires.

Special Features

  • Offers significant fire “knockdown” and rapid suppression capabilities
  • Zero ozone depletion, negligable atmospheric life and zero global warming potential
  • No oxygen depletion, non-toxic, suppresses at very low concentrations by interference with free radicals
  • Safe for fire fighters and any occupants trapped in the fire scenario
  • Provides a reliable, cost effective fire suppression tool