Equiped with 4 COB LEDs in a translucent polycarbonate casing, the new LUMAPHORE® 400XL is our latest lamp in XL size, IP65 and IK10

The LUMAPHORE® 400XL is the most versatile model of the LUMAPHORE® LED range. With increased ground level lighting, it is equipped with 4 high-power COB LEDs in a translucent polycarbonate casing. The LUMAPHORE® LED 400XL provides 48,000 Lumens at 360 W, a ratio of over 130 lumens/watt.

It can be placed 4 or 5 metres above ground level.

Benefits :

  • 2400 m² illumination from 385 Watts
  • IP65 / IK10
  • Powerful ground level lighting
  • Ring of suspension
  • 100% instant illumination
  • Lightweight 5.5 Kg
  • Robust: ABS, polycarbonate casing, PMMA shock-resistant diffuser
  • Resistant to bad weather
  • Superbly versatile for use in many environments


  Electrical Specifications

  No. of LED modules 8 + 4 COBs
  No. of LEDs per module 86
  Total Lighting Output 360 W
  Power of Electricity supply 385 W
  Connecting cable 3X1,5² 7 m
  Average life of LEDs 50 000 H
  Immediate Illumination yes
  Time to reach temperature 0 mn

  Safety Specifications

  Protection Index IP65 / IK10
  Wind resistance 162 Km/h
  Heat Protection yes
  Temperature range for use -15°/+40°

  Photometric Specifications

  Area of illumination 2400 m²
  Colour temperature 5 000 °K
  Lumens/Module/COB 4060/3950 lm
  Total Lumens 48 280 lm
  Color Rendering Index >82

  Mechanical Specifications

  Optimal height for use 3 – 4 m
  Diameter 225 mm
  Length 910 mm
  Weight 5.5 Kg
  Average assembly time 2 mn