Lightweight, Non-Pyrotechnic, Utility Launcher

The ResQmax™ is a new generation Line-throwing and Rescue Appliance fueled by compressed air, specifically designed to deploy a Line only, or an Auto-Inflating Sling & retrieval Line to an otherwise inaccessible point in both land-based and maritime environments, providing an emergency response capability without putting the rescuer at risk.
The ResQmax uses standard Projectiles with service pressure of 3,000 psi / 207 Bar.

  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Surf Water Rescue
  • Ice Rescue
  • Man Overboard Rescue
  • Ship to Ship & Shore to Shore Line Deployment to cross horizontal obstacles (i.e.) Rivers, Canals, etc.

Special Features

  • Horizontal Range : up to 400 ft / 122 m
  • Vertical Range (line only) : up to 165 ft / 50m
  • Rope Diameters : 3.0 mm – 8.0 mm

MAXimum Distance

The ResQmax is capable of deploying a Line up to 400 feet / 122 meters with the standard Projectile depending on the service pressure, the weight of the Line, and type of the Projectile used.

MAXimum Safety

The Safety Mechanism is “always ON,” resetting automatically when a Projectile is inserted.

The Projectile’s “push-click” engagement allows easy reloading, even in the dark.

A Pressure Relief Assembly prevents unsafe pressure build-up that could result from exposure of the Projectile to extreme heat.

MAXimum Performance

Multi-Shot Capacity - our patented Nozzle Valve permits any number of the Projectiles to be precharged and stored with the ResQmax, allowing deployment of multiple Projectiles in rapid succession.

MAXimum Easy To Use

The ResQmax Filler System utilizes a “quick coupler” connectors and selection of adapters to permit charging of the Projectiles from multiple air sources.


In case of floods, firemen or disaster management team try to throw life buoy which is drifted away or forced to put themselves in risk by jumping in floods and trying to save a drowning person and lot of time is also lost.

In case of man overboard at sea the individual gets drifted away at a very fast pace. As an immediate help life-buoy if thrown may not reach him. Further, by the time the boat is lowered for rescue the individual may have moved out of site or may drown.


The ResQmax is a light weight, non pyrotechnic, utility launcher and a professional solution to rescue people trapped in floods and while drowning in the sea.

This tool is very useful in rescuing people during floods and ice rescue operations.

It is also very useful to cross horizontal obstacles such as rivers, hilly terrains, canals etc.

This appliance is also suitable for marine environments, providing an emergency response capability without putting the rescuer at risk.

Disaster Management, Fire Fighting & Marine