The Running Gear Entanglement System (RGES) Product Line is to provide non-lethal means for interdicting a wide range of propeller-driven vessels.

The Running Gear Entanglement System (RGES) products are the less-than-lethal boat-stopping solutions with a broad range of applications and various modes of deployment (i.e.) Static barriers, Shoulder launched, Fixed launchers that can be activated remotely.

Due to the wide range of configurations available, the ResQmax RGES PED can stop and/or impede the progress of a displacement hull vessel of virtually any size.


  • Port Protection
  • Policing & Protection of Exclusive Economic Zones
  • Anti Piracy and Smuggling
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Interdiction of non-compliant vessels
  • Protection of critical infrastructure i.e. Atomic Power
    plants, Defense establishments, Airports, Naval base,
  • Power plants etc. near to sea bodies.

The RGES S100 static barrier system may be easily and quickly installed from a RHIB by lightly trained staff. Typical installations include anchor buoys at 90m intervals outfitted with radar reflectors and photocell controlled lamps.

Applications may include:

  • Protection of a ship in a foreign port
  • Restricting access to a waterway or naval base
  • To form a barrier around critical infrastructure, either on or offshore
  • Used as an ‘in-tow’ payload to protect assets while underway

The RGES S100 is a non-lethal option for boat stopping. While forces on the crew of the non-compliant vessel are controlled by forward momentum at the moment of impact, the occupants of the boat are generally unharmed.
System costs are quoted on a case by-case basis, and are affected by water depth, sea floor composition, and tidal variances.

Force Protection Boom - Ship Deployed

Port Security - Sterile Protection

Force Protection Underway - Asset Protection

Displacement Hull Boat Entangled with RGES PED

Entanglement payloads used with the SF40 & FL60 systems are effective against propeller driven single and multi-engine configurations to 300 HP on vessels to 12 meters in length, and planning at speeds to 55 knots.


Static Barrier Entanglement System

The RGES S100 comprised of 100ft/30m sections interlocked end-to-end to establish a perimeter of any length, creating a sterile area. The RGES S100 provides a clear line of demarcation and acts as a first line of defense to protect assets.
Watercrafts entangled by the RGES S100 are typically halted within 2.5 boat lengths, preserving the integrity of the buffer-zone.


Shoulder Fired 40’ RGES Payload

The RGES SF40 utilizes a light-weight portable shoulder-fired launcher powered by compressed air to deliver a 40 ft / 12m length of entanglement payload from a standoff distance of 20m across the course of a noncompliant vessel.



Fixed Launcher 60’ RGES Payload

The RGES FL60 product lines may be mounted on pursuit vessels, or defensively from any asset. Multiple launchers may be assembled to form a battery along the port and starboard sides of a pursuit vessel.

The remote control allows deployment of the system by an operator from a secure location and at very high speeds. The RGES FL60-D is a dual-projectile fixed launcher powered by compressed air, and activated by a remote control, capable of launching 2 projectiles simultaneously, to deliver a payload parallel to the launching location – for interdiction of non-compliant vessels approaching the launcher location.

This system may be horizontally articulated to create an increased field of fire. Payload sizes and corresponding delivery distances will vary depending on application.


RGES for Displacement Hull Vessels

The ResQmax RGES PED is a means of stopping or impeding the progress of a displacement hull vessel by entangling the vessel’s single or multi-- engine/shaft configurations. The RGES PED systems are designed to be deployed in close-quarters action across the course of the larger underway target vessel by a smaller enforcement watercraft with superior speed.


Today we have to chase unauthorized/ suspicious vessels/boats to stop them from entering restricted areas or in open seas or deploy helicopters or we have to exercise lethal ways to stop them.


RGES offers non lethal means of stopping suspicious vessels/boats forcefully in different

  • Static barriers
  • Shoulder launched entanglements
  • Fixed launchers that can be activated remotely.

All RGES solutions can be easily deployed for stopping an unauthorized entry.

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