Water Mist & CAFS

Capable To Douse Class A, Class B & Live Electrical Fires

Available in Backpack 9L, 50L and Bike Mounted 9L

Low Pressure Extinguisher

Water Mist Fire Extinguisher consist of an stainless steel vessel, PESO approved 2L / 200Bar air cylinder and nozzle of 2kg (approx.) to douse Class A, Class B and live electrical fires.

The technology was transferred by CFEES - DRDO to Aska for production.


  • Constant operating pressure of 12 bar.
  • Suitable for Class A, Class B and Live Electrical Fire.
  • System is tested on 35 KV as per EN 3 standard & 36 KV as per IS:15683:2006.
  • Back Pack and Hand Held System.
  • PESO approved air cylinder and NOC for the vessel.
  • After sales service and spare parts available.
  • Pressure gauge on the vessel as per EN 3 standard.
  • Negligible collateral damage.


Backpack - 9L

Trolley Mounted - 50L

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Low Pressure

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