Water Mist High Pressure

developed in GERMANY

high pressure

water mist & cafs

aska hand-held + backpack - 9L


aska trolley mounted - 50L


aska fire fighting motor bike for rapid response (the blaze buster) carrying 2x 9L


EN3-7 standard

spare air cylinder 2L*300 bar carbon composite pet liner can be used with emergency escape breathing apparatus.

DIN1866 Standard

spare air cylinder 6.8L*300 bar carbon composite pet liner can be used with breathing apparatus.


Major Cause of fire: Short circuit and bukhari fire in cold areas and reignition are ongoing issues. We are helpless and wait for someone to switch-off the supply and collateral damage increases till fire tram arrives.

the problem the solution
Different types of extinguishers for different fires. Single extinguisher for Class A, Class B & Live Electrical Fire.
Lower / Minimum Fire Ratings for Class A , B. Maximum fire rating A55, B233 & E1000V.
Lower / minimum Lancing Distance upto 5m. Maximum lancing distance 12m.
Ongoing Maintenance & corrosion issues due to metal body. No corrosion: Carbon Composite PET Liner Body.
Conventional fire extinguisher difficult to hold in both hands and move around during fire fighting and result infatigue to the crew. No corrosion: Carbon Composite PET Liner Body.
Reignition: We first use DCP extinguisher and then foam extinguisher to form a blanket - cumbersome process. Water Mist & CAFS, water gives a cooling effect and foam a blanketing effect.

technical specifications

specifications 9 litre ultra light carbon composite PET liner vessel 50 litre ultra light carbon composite PET liner vessel
Operating Pressure 37 Bar 37 Bar
Weight Of Filled System 20 Kg (Approx.) 85 kg approx
Minimum Length of Hose 1.3 m 5 m
Ultra Light Carbon Composite PET Liner PESO Approved Cylinder - 20 years shelf life 2L x 300 bar 6.8L x 300Bar
Weight Of Extinguisher Gun 750 gms. (Approx.) 750 gmx. (Approx.)
Minimum Functional Time With Continuous Jet 26+ sec. (Approx.) 145 seconds
Lancing Distance With Jet Mode 13 m 135 m
Propellant Compressed Air Compressed Air
Fire Rating A55, B233, E1000V 55A , IVB , E1000V

Applicable on all classes of fire

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  • The Problem
  • Solution

Fire & Emergency Service personal would like to respond immediately to dowse Class A , Class B & Live Electrical fires but the problem is traffic and congested lanes and narrow areas. Also they need an effective first responder tool (water mist based technology ) which assures maximum performance/rating ( A55, B233, E1OOOV ) with a light weight gun of less than 1 kg in crowded markets , areas well in place as mobile fire stations . Further we need to keep a fire tender and conventional fire extinguishers in govt. functions also.

Aska High Pressure Water Mist & CAFS is a perfect solution to this problem which assures maximum fire rating of A55, B233, E1000V with a control discharge and light weight gun of 750 grams approx. The lancing distance is 14m and is applicable on all three classes of fire ( Class A , Class B & Live Electrical/Short Circuit fires) . This is available in 9L as Backpack Mounted & 50L Trolley Mounted. The 9L Backpack version can be can be mounted on the bikes for entering narrow/congested lanes.

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