Water Mist & CAFS Low Pressure 2000

developed in GERMANY

low pressure

water mist & cafa

powerful and economical as compared to conventional extinguisher in long term

Backpack - 9L

Spare Air Cylinder 4.7L/300 Bar Carbon Composite Pet Liner Can Be Used With Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus.

Trolley Mounted - 50L

Spare Air Cylinder 6.8L/300 Bar Carbon Composite Pet Liner Can Be Used With Breathing Apparatus.

Water Mist Fire Extinguisher consist of an stainless steel vessel, PESO approved 4.7L/300 Bar air cylinder and nozzle of 2kg (approx.) to douse Class A, Class B and live electrical fires.

Applicable on all classes of fire

Specifiations Portable backpack Trolley Mounted
pressure vessel filling capacity 9 liters 50 liters
material of construction stainless steel stainless steel
standard applicable EN 3-7:2007-10 DIN1866
air cylinder PESO Approved 4.7L 300 bar carbon composite pet liner 6.8l carbon composite pet liner
gun up to 2kg (approx.) up to 2kg (approx.)
hose length 1.3 meter 5 meter
mounting backpack trolley
lancing distance (+10%) 12+ meter 15 meter
weight (filled) 28 kgs 97 kgs
working pressure low low
extinguishing agent water+ standard AFFF Compound water+ standard AFFF compound
fire rating 27A, 233B, E 1000V / A55, 233B, E1000V 43A, 233B, E 1000V / A55, IV B, E1000V
operating time in full throttle 20-23 seconds 105+ seconds


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