Water Mist Medium Pressure 2014

developed in GERMANY

ECO Backpack

water mist & CAFS

constant working pressure light weight & compact safe & easy to use and refill

jet gun with negligible recoil with ergonomic backpack

filling capacity 9 liters
filling capcity 27A, 233B, E1000V 25F, 43A, 233B, E1000V
operation pressure 29 Bar - constant
duration approx. 22 sec.
jet range up to 12 meters
flow rate 0.651 / sec.
jet pattern compact beam
temperature range 5.C to 60.C
weight (empty) approx. 14 kg.
weight (filled) 25 kg.
height 580 mm
diameter (vessel) 185 mm
pressure vessel mild steel, CE 0036 confirm

By closing the gap between the light series and its full size 10 liters relatives, this new weight optimised and highly compact all-round device offers unique performance and vesatility. With superior jet range upto 12 meters and extra high efficiency safety and life saving capabilities of fire fighters during difficult action. The jet streams is adaptable to any fire situation within seconds to dowse Class A, Class B and Live Electical fire.

Technical Data

Highly compact and light weight optimised extinguisher for professional use. Equipped with ergonomic backpack, steel pressure (2 Liter / 200 bar), pressure reducer with safety valve and gauge.

Applicable on all classes of fire


Water Mist Fire Extinguisher consists of a mild stainless steel vessel, PESO approved air cylinder and nozzle of 750 grams (approx.) to douse Class A, Class B


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