FirePro designs and manufacture environmentally friendly fire suppression systems.
UL Certified · In 80 Countries · Made in EU · Patented Tech

Reinventing Fire suppression

Aska Equipment Ltd is the India’s officially licensed expert master distributor for the supply and engineering support of the innovative and patented range of FirePro® condensed aerosol fire suppression systems, which is now represented in more than 110 countries.

Manufactured in fully stainless or red pressed steel enclosures, each Firepro generator contains a non-pyrotechnic, solid bound aerosol compound, based on potassium carbonate,
that extinguishes Classes of Fire A, B, C & F, (according to EN2 Classification).

This is a total flooding system for  effective extinguishing of fire.

The extinguishing medium does not deplete oxygen levels in the affected area – hence safe for humans. The generators are available in a range of sizes to meet requirement of specific areas of application.

The aerosol generators are activated:

  • Electrically through an extinguishing panel connected to smoke/heat detectors
  • Thermally by Heat Impulse Cable/Bulb Thermal Activator at various temperature options ranging from 57 ̊C to 182 ̊C.
  • Self Actuation when temperature reaches to 300 ̊C.

FirePro Advantages

  • Tremendous space & weight saving.
  • Minimal maintenance costs.
  • Easy installation in new and/or retro t projects.
  • Easy connection to conventional re detection & 
activation systems.
  • Total flooding action to extinguish re at source.
  • Easy to transport.
  • No complicated piping or nozzles required.
  • No overpressure limitations.
  • Operating temperatures: -50*C to 250*C with up to 98% 


DG Rooms, UPS Rooms, Battery Rooms, Electrical Rooms, Electrical Panel, Warehouses, Historic Buildings ,Museums, Document Rooms, Marines, Oil & Gas, Mines, Strong Rooms, Defence Vehicles, Automobiles, Clean Rooms, Solvent Rooms, Telecom, Data Centre and many more….

Core Technology

FirePro systems use the latest generation of the patented FPC solid compound at their core. When activated the FPC solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding extremely effective and efficient fire extinguishing condensed aerosol . The generated aerosol is propagated and evenly distributed in the enclosure under protection using its own momentum. Fire extinguishing is accomplished by the interruption of the chemical chain reactions occurring in the flame and not by oxygen depletion and / or cooling as suggested by the traditional triangle of fire

Traditional Fire Protection System

The traditional technologies till date being adopted are water based, CO2 and FM200, inert gases etc are present available solution. Till date supply of agent is stored under pressure, released through a piping distribution network which floods the space and suppresses the fire.

Traditional piped systems require costly installation adaptations like:

  • Extra space for agent containers and piping
  • Robust fixtures to handle weight and discharge
  • System isn’t easily reconfigured if space changes
  • Extensive and frequent maintenance burden
  • Special measures for recharging at remote sites

FirePro Aerosol Technology

It is an effective and economical solution for users in special hazard fire protection area. FirePro aerosol technology saves up to 35% in equipment and life cycle costs compared to traditional systems mention above. This is due to lower initial expense plus minimal ongoing service costs.

to floor space requirement or shoring up for weight
to special handling for compressed gas cylinders
to venting or ceiling tile clips for discharge forces
to solenoid actuators, control heads, or hoses
to water drains or pipe freeze protection
to distribution piping, manifold, or nozzles
to system pressurization or room integrity tests

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