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Pneumatically-Extending Telescopic Pole with Integral Tactical Ladder & Grappling Hook

Available in backpack 9L, 50L and Bike Mounted 9L

The VerTmax is a family of light-weight pneumatically-extending telescopic poles designed to deliver a grappling hook and ascending ladder for use in urban entry boarding operations. The extended length of the pole is controlled by the amount of compressed air released from the reservoir, making each VerTmax Telescopic Pole variable in height over the design length of the pole.



MAXimum Strength

For use in acoustically covert operations, the VerTmax Telescopic Pole Assembly extends silently, the ladder is made of ‘quiet’ materials, and the hook’s covering reduces the sound signature at target. The VerTmax has a low magnetic signature for subsurface dive team operations.

MAXimum Performance

Within seconds a single user can fully extend the VerTmax pole with an integrated hook and ladder to the attachment point. Poles are buoyant when extended allowing for later collection by a recovery team in dive team operations. Multiple lifts can be made from a charged reservoir.

MAXimum Versatility

The VerTmax offers a variety of hook designs and has an infinite working length within the overall operating range of the pole segments. The accessory attachment can also be adapted for deployment of antennae or wireless cameras.

  • Problem
  • Solution

To execute a covert/tactical operation by boarding a high rise building from outside, the force uses conventional solution which puts them at high risk.

This risks the lives of our brave soldiers during combat situation and alert the intruder sitting inside enable them to take offensive action, which can put the mission at stake.

The VerTmax is a pneumatically extending telescopic pole with integral tactical ladder and grappling hook and a silent tool for boarding a high rise building from outside in a combat/covert operation.

This supports our brave soldiers in completing mission successfully.

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