Warning Alarm Stability Positioning


The WASP is an innovative but simple monitoring system designed to protect emergency service workers and members of the public during a collapse.

Available in backpack 9L, 50L and Bike Mounted 9L

It is the world’s first digital monitoring system created specially to assist emergency services workers and keep them safe in a variety of scenarios.
The WASP, or Warning Alarm for Stability Protection, attaches to any surface in any position and provides an early warning of movement and vibration providing protection from:




The WASP was conceived by experienced firefighter and International Search and Rescue specialist Matt Keogh in conjunction with UK industry leading monitoring experts DATUM

It provides a welcome substitute to traditional methods of monitoring potential movement and removes the potential for human error.

The WASP can detect movement and / or vibration.

The WASP’s magnetic base provides for quick and easy attachment to metal – and is supplied with a variety of attachments to provide fixings to glass, metal, concrete and other structures.

It means emergency service personnel can concentrate on the task working safely in areas of extreme pressure.

WASP Key Features and Benefits

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